Company language studios

Maximize the value of time and money spent on English language training

Concept: By providing English language courses to our clients on their premises in language studios, creating in-house partnerships with human resources departments, and simultaneously building closer relationships with staff involved in the program at their workplace, Custom English maximizes the value of time and money spent on English language training by providing faster, superior results through the synergies which systematically develop in customized-instruction, communication, scheduling and rescheduling, attendance, partnering and satisfying requirements.

Language StudioDefined: Essentially the language studio is an office located on the clients’ premises and equipped by Custom English with multimedia equipment to deliver up to four 90-minute lessons, or combinations of lessons and workshops, per day to between 12 to 50 participants, pre-intermediate and above, Monday to Friday.

Individual lessons offer the greatest opportunity for overall improvement in the shortest time frame.

For both individual and group lessons, materials, pace and instruction are all custom-tailored to the clients requirements and abilities, while at the same time instructors precisely ascertain what their challenges and difficulties are and focus intensely upon those areas.

Included is a uniquely structured sequence of techniques and drills using films and videos, music, photography,  literature and text from current and historical cultural events from around the world, while specifically focusing each lesson on speaking, listening, vocabulary building and, if necessary, pronunciation for a 90-minute period.

Whether enrolled as an individual or in groups lessons are scheduled according to any criteria from human resources’ training departments and company requirements, and are then slotted into a weekly schedule, which is observed by everyone involved.

When conflicts occur between a client’s work or personal schedule and his or her English lesson the student can reschedule the lesson by either switching lessons with another learner, who is available at that time and date in conflict, or by joining another group of similar ability that week. If not, the client can reschedule the lesson on Friday, which is always available for rescheduling or missed lessons.


  • Highly individualized approach.
  • Higher learner attendance ratios (faster results).
  • Custom-designed, interesting, internationally culturally diverse course material.
  • Unique, effective sequences of techniques and drills.
  • Specifically focused customized-instruction for any company in any industry.
  • Custom-tailored workshops for speaking, pronunciation and writing.
  • Reduced late cancellations and missed lessons (lost spending).
  • Highly efficient and flexible scheduling and rescheduling system.
  • Professional, open communication with all clients on individual level (Facebook, Dropbox, Viber, Skype, Twitter, intranet).
  • Immediate English language usage consultation available: proof-reading, editing, rehearsals for presentations, speeches, etc.
  • Audio recordings and regular progress measurements.
  • Client-friendly, electronic administration (invoicing, evaluations, attendance, etc.).
  • Production of in-house English/Czech translator of industry and corporate vocabulary.
  • Video and audio book library.
  • Cancel contract anytime effective immediately with no penalties.

Equipment and requirements: Office space furnished with required tables and chairs, 2 bookshelves and 2 whiteboards.

Custom English provides all materials, computers, monitors, speakers, microphones, recordings and library.

Cost: negotiable