Past clients

Chad Rankin worked full time at Vápenka Čertovy schody a.s., Lhoist teaching English to my staff of directors of production, finance, sales and investment, their managers and clerks, and me for 7 years, and on his behalf, I can say that thanks to him and his approach the overall level and ability of our use of English has improved significantly here.
As a business unit of a multinational corporation headquartered in Belgium, English is an integral part of our daily communication within the group. The custom-designed multimedia language courses Chad created and ran were very effective and interesting. His techniques, commitment and course structure, as well as the pronunciation and conversation workshops helped us all a lot.
It was a very good partnership with great results. He will no doubt continue to be an excellent English teacher.
Kind regards,

Jan Šroubek
General Manager
Vápenka Čertovy schody a.s.

12 December 2012

This is to recommend Chad Rankin, an English teacher, who taught employees of our company for 7 years full-time.
Chad contacted us 8 years ago when we were in need of a good and efficient English tutor and native speaker at the same time. We started our cooperation part time. We found out that employees attending lessons with Chad made big progress in their English skills, that in most cases after long years of inefficient studies they were able to understand and to speak without any hesitation. We extended number of students learning English with Chad and agreed that Chad would teach our employees full-time.
Chad has a unique approach to teaching English. He is hard working and responsible and teaching English is his hobby what influences all his work. He prepared special programs for his students using advanced technology, he provided the students with extraordinary material consisting of not only vocabulary but also exercises, crossword puzzles and other useful and interesting types of exercise. His lessons were alive and active, not even a minute left unused. The students were trained in talking, listening, translation, vocabulary, grammar. The topics discussed were of wide scope and interest to everyone.
Chad has a warm and personal approach to each of his students. We can say that they all became friends. The total body of the students was 33 with some seasonal variations. The scale of the students ranged from top managers to clerks, from advanced to pre-intermediate students. The lessons were either individual or in couples or triples.
Our cooperation was successful and fulfilling to all of us. We hardly find another teacher of Chad´s professional quality and personal characteristics. We are very sorry for his departure. However, we understand his situation and wish him success and good luck in his future life and career.
I will be happy to provide any oral recommendation needed. Please call me at +420 606 627 636 or e-mail me at
Yours sincerely,

Stanislava Vitoňová
HR Manager
Vápenka Čertovy schody a.s.

20 December 2012

I would like to express our complete satisfaction with Chad Rankin and his instruction of Business English.
As English is the official language of the HeidelbergCement Group, it plays a crucial role in communication with our international colleagues. Both of us use it almost every day so it is important for us to be experienced in both business and general English.
We have been working with Chad for over a year, and under his tutorship we have made significant improvements in all areas of English. Always well prepared, Chad’s lessons are interesting and effectively customised to our individual preferences. He has good knowledge of business aspects and is very creative and flexible. A big advantage for us is that he can adapt easily to our busy business schedules. His consistency, effort and dedication are appreciated and valued by us both.
Prior to meeting Chad we had co-operated with various language schools and had changed several lecturers. We can now say that Chad is the best one we have ever had. Both of us highly recommend him as an English instructor to anyone who is looking for the added value of highly developed, customised Business English lessons.

Written by:
Ing. Marek Novotný
General Manager
Ready-mixed concrete and Aggregates
Heidelberg Cement Central Europe
And on behalf of:
Ing. Zdeněk Gärtner
General Manager
Českomoravský beton, a.s.
Heidelberg Cement Group

14 August, 2004

I have been studying business English in one-to-one classes with Chad Rankin for more than a year. This pleasant opportunity has been valuable contribution to my knowledge, resulting in, among other things successfully passing the CAE exam, improving language self-confidence, and gaining a more sophisticated vocabulary. All of that is of great importance to me as English is the language of communication in our company, which is a member of a big international group of companies.
Lessons are always thoroughly prepared. Their structure reflects the importance of individual language skills, i.e. speaking, listening, and writing. Chad is excellent in balancing communication and grammar. As a tutor he provides me with motivating as well as highly challenging tasks. Without a doubt, he is the best English tutor I have met over the many years of my language studies. I see his strengths in tailoring lessons to my needs and knowledge, as well as wide knowledge of business background and creativity. He is not just a native English speaker; he is a very skillful tutor. I am impressed by Chad’s ability to prepare his own study materials and exercises. I sincerely respect his personal qualities, too. Chad is honest, dependable, intelligent, proficient, easy and nice to get along with.
Overall, I can unreservedly recommend Chad Rankin as a business English tutor to all upper-intermediate / advanced learners. Should you like to discuss my experience from our lessons, please feel free to contact me.
Yours sincerely,

Cembrit CZ, a.s.
Ilona Sudíková
Accounting Manager

Beroun, July 13, 2004

On behalf of Kostal CR, spol. s r.o., we would like to recommend Chad Rankin as an English language instructor. Over the past year-and-a-half he has proven he is a valuable addition to our staff of language instructors. Well regarded by the administrative staff, he has also been recommended by many of his various students. We are all very satisfied with Chad‘s professionalism, attitude and technique of teaching English at the Kostal CR corporation.

Joachim Grabowski
General Manager
Kostal CR s.r.o.

Zdice, 12 August 2004