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Custom English training

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Company courses Company language studios Conversation workshops Pronunciation workshops
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Company courses

Uniquely structured courses using interesting, internationally diverse material focusing each lesson on speaking, listening, building vocabulary and pronunciation.

Company language studios

Providing courses to our clients on their premises in language studios maximizes the value of time and money spent on English language training.

Conversation workshops

Intense, continuous conversation and speaking through a structure of interactive drills and techniques using interesting, internationally diverse material.

Pronunciation workshops

Focused on the pronunciation challenges and difficulties of Czech learners they are designed to improve the sound of their English.

Company Overview

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About Us

Since 2003 Custom English has been utilizing an individualized approach of customized-instruction toward each client using a multimedia language program, which features interesting, internationally culturally diverse course material including film, music, photography and literature, as an instrument of learning and instruction, while being applied in a comfortable environment of professionalism and friendship.
Custom English enhances the educational process of learning English by making it a more enjoyable pleasant experience, which is inspired and facilitated by individual participants’ own increased interest and commitment, and which maximizes the value of time and money spent on English language training by ultimately providing clients exactly the results they want faster – fluency.

Provide companies innovative, cost-effective multimedia English language courses geared towards and customized for senior executives and managers on an individual level, which are intensely focused upon speaking, understanding and sounding much better, at the highest level of quality and care in a partnership of professionalism and friendship.
Inspire the joy of learning English, and to provide the opportunity to do so in the right environment with professionals using the right materials, the right equipment and the right techniques, thereby achieving desired results.
  • Professional career native English speaking teachers.
  • Primary sole focus on speaking, understanding, vocabulary, and if necessary, pronunciation (little grammar).
  • Multimedia language program.
  • Interesting, internationally culturally diverse course materials (film, video, music, literature, text, photography, etc.).
  • Uniquely structured, effective techniques and drills.
  • Flexible scheduling and rescheduling.
  • Accurate language ability level assessment.
  • Electronic, client-friendly administration and invoicing.
  • Cancel contract anytime effective immediately with no penalties.

Additional English language usage consultation and services available include: proof reading and editing, conversation, pronunciation and writing workshops, rehearsals for speeches and presentations, etc.

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